Rehab Project: Lehigh Ave, Denver (Seller Stopped Foreclosure)

The Situation: How to Stop Foreclosure. This homeowner was facing foreclosure and reached out for solutions to stop foreclosure. We purchased the house on his preferred timeline, allowing him to pay off his debts and stop foreclosure. The Result: A Win-Win-Win. The seller walked away happy, with cash in hand, and able to move on without […]

Questions to Ask Yourself When Selling an Inherited House

Grandma left you her house when she passed. You are now faced with the decision about what to do with it. If you already have your own home it is not likely you will want to move into Grandma’s. Therefore selling it makes sense. Consider the following questions to ask yourself when selling an inherited house. […]

Getting Out of the Landlord Business? We Buy Run-Down Rental Houses from Landlords

When you first got into the landlord business, you were probably pretty excited about investing in real estate and making a nice monthly profit off of your rentals. Even though some people have great success at renting properties out, however, you might have found that things weren’t quite as you had hoped they would be […]

How We Make it Easy to Sell Your House After a Divorce

If you have recently gone through a divorce, you might be going through emotions and difficulties that you never thought you would ever have to go through. Not only do you have to worry about the emotional issues that can go along with a divorce, but you also have to worry about financial problems, too. […]

Reasons to Sell Your Vacant Property

Do you own a house that is currently vacant? On one hand, it’s nice to own property, whether or not you’re living in it. On the other hand, “nice” doesn’t pay bills. Unfortunately, that vacant house my actually be doing more harm than good. Here are a few reasons to sell your vacant house. It’s not […]

Why Would I Sell My House to Avoid Foreclosure?

If you are facing foreclosure, it might seem like the best idea to fight in order to keep your home. However, in some cases, there is a better option — selling. If you’re asking yourself, “Why would I sell my house to avoid foreclosure?,” consider these reasons to do so. Get Yourself Out of a Tough […]

How to Avoid Hassles and Save Money When Selling an Inherited House

Selling a home is a hassle. This is particularly true if you inherited a house and have no plans to live in it or rent it.  If the home has a mortgage, then you need to sell it as soon as possible to get out from under the payments. If it does not have a mortgage, […]

Tenant Destroyed Your House? We Buy Houses in All Conditions

Although you might have liked the idea of buying and renting out a house, things might not have went as you planned. Even if you work hard to screen potential tenants, you can still end up with bad ones who don’t respect your property. In the best of cases, this can result in a messy, poorly-kept house. In the worst […]

Sell House After Divorce: Fast Track to Your New Life

It is your largest asset and the toughest to divide up during a divorce. While you can hang on to the family home for sentimental reasons or for the kids, it often makes more sense to sell the house and get a fresh start. Taking a look at how much the home is worth, how […]

Fed Up With Your Rental? We Buy Run-Down Rental Houses from Landlords

When you first decided to become a landlord, it might have seemed like a good idea. After all, what can be better than having someone else pay the mortgage on your property while you (hopefully) bring in a little extra money each month? Even though being a landlord can be a wonderful thing in the […]

Can I Sell My House to Avoid Foreclosure?

In a perfect world, everyone would live in peace and harmony. There would be no worries about money, jobs, or keeping food on the table. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect, and the reality is that many people struggle just to get by. Sometimes insult is added to injury, you fall behind on your […]