Sell My House Privately

Did you know you can sell your house privately?  We buy houses direct in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

There are many reason why someone may want to sell their house privately:

  • The house is vacant
  • The house needs repairs and remodeling
  • Desire to not have a bunch of strangers walk through the house
  • Nosy neighbors … a desire to keep the sale private (e.g., during a divorce)
  • Approaching foreclosure, when time matters
  • Sensitive estate sale (e.g., family dynamics)
  • Relocating for a new job
  • Landlord is tired of being a landlord, or wants an easy way to sell while tenants are in house
  • Desire to sell fast, cut out the middle man and sell direct to the buyer
  • And more…

The stereotypical way of selling a house involves listing it for the whole marketplace to see… having open houses… waiting for people to look at the house and make an offer… negotiating through seller concessions… and then hoping the deal does not fall apart during the inspection and loan approval phase.  That approach is not for everyone.

You can sell your house privately, direct to us.  Contact us to start the conversation.