Success Stories

We have helped homeowners in a number of situations throughout the Denver metro area. Here are some of their stories…

Homeowner Stops Foreclosure

This homeowner was facing foreclosure and reached out for solutions to stop foreclosure. We purchased the house on his preferred timeline, allowing him to pay off his debts and stop foreclosure. The seller walked away happy, with cash in hand, and able to move on without the burden of a house. By selling his house before foreclosure, he was able to protect his credit score and keep his future options open. We then spent tens of thousands of dollars to remodel the house to a fresh “move-in ready” look. A young couple bought the house and soon moved in to enjoy their new house and neighborhood.

Landlord Sells a Run Down Rental

A landlord wanted to sell his rental and showed it to a Realtor, only to be told “I can’t sell this, it’s too run down.” He met with us and we made him a fair offer.  He was happy he was able to sell it and did not have to deal with fixing it up to sell. The house was really run down and most people would consider it inhabitable. We put in quite an effort to fix up the house and remodel it to become the nicest house on the block. A young professional purchased our completely remodeled move-in ready house. 

Family Sells Inherited Hoarder House

The senior homeowner passed away leaving his frail wife in the house.  She was unable to care for herself and her daughter’s family became involved as the seller. The plan was to sell the house and move mom to a place that could better accommodate her. The problem was there was a LOT of stuff in the house, as she had been hoarding for many years. We met with the family and presented a solution: a fair offer to purchase the house with an understanding they could leave anything there and we would take care of it. The seller was able to walk away with cash in hand without the burden of the house and focus the family’s energy on taking care of mom. We did a major clean up job of the house and then did a complete remodel, making it one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. We like to think we restored it back to its original glory from a generation ago.

Couple Sells House to “Move On” and Focus on Health and Aging Mothers

A couple was facing their own health issues as well as those of their out-of-state aging mothers. While they were once quite capable of handling the situation, the house had become a burden — with lots of stuff and unfinished projects — and they reached a point where they just “wanted to move on” (as they stated again while thanking us at the closing table). We met with them and made a fair offer that allowed them to walk away with cash in hand and buy a new house close to one of there mothers. We later found out that she passed away about a month after the sale of their house and felt fortunate to have been so close to her those final weeks, and without the burden of their house.  Their new house was also more suited for the other mother to move in with them. We remodeled the house and sold it to a nice couple. In the process, the neighbors on each side improved their homes as a result of our connections to quality contractors.

An Out-Of-State Investor Unloads a Rental With Ease

An investor who once lived in the house and turned it into a rental for many years was looking to sell it. With tenants still in the house and it needing some TLC before selling, the landlord decided to sell it to us. We made a fair offer that involved a cash deposit and seller financing, where the seller would function like the bank and receive monthly payments from us. This allowed the investor seller to sell for more than they would have and with much, much less effort.

Person Inherits House and Decides to Sell It After Trying to Fix It Up First

The owner inherited a house and tried to fix it up for about a year. It became a burden after taking longer and costing much more than originally planned. Given the house was in the middle of a remodel and needed more work to convert if from a construction site to an inhabitable home, the seller decided to sell and move on. We purchased the house at  fair price and finished the remodel, even improving it beyond the original plan. As one neighbor walking by said, “the landscaping looks the best its looked in 20 years.”

…Is It Time To Sell Your House?

If these stories sound familiar, and you or someone you know has an interest in selling a house, please reach out to us to discuss.  We are compassionate, respectful, and understand that sometimes “life happens” making home ownership more of a challenge than you would prefer. We are problem solvers and will help you achieve a great outcome.


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